Motorhood competition 2019

This story has been updated with test results for both manual and automatic transmissions. Carved into the mountains of southern Spain, east of the historic city of Ronda, resides the fast and technical 3. The racetrack flows smoothly yet is mentally demanding. Linking the chicanes and off-camber sections of its 26 corners requires a sniper's patience and precision.

2019 BMW M5 Competition Ushers In New BMW Performance Strategy

The straights aren't so straight and necessitate convincing the brain to go full send. Ascari is a driver's track, and a course this pure requires a vehicle equal in execution. BMW could have spent wads of cash revising the previous turbocharged N55 inline-six to meet tighter emissions standards. Instead, it snatched a powerplant already in the arsenal, the potent S55 twin-turbo inline-six from the M4.

In deference to the M hierarchy, boost is reduced in the M2's version, lowering the output from horsepower to Torque, however, is undiminished at lb-ft. Dialing back the S55's power doesn't just preserve the M family pecking order; it also addresses a cooling issue. But even detuned to horsepower, the S55's output represents a substantial increase over the outgoing M2's horses and lb-ft.

The M2 Competition rockets down the straights, and the sweet inline-six barks through a new exhaust system, pulling strongly all the way to the redline. The electronically controlled limited-slip rear diff controls the locking effect to smoothly distribute torque across the rear axle in all corners, no matter how wide or sharp. The unit has been fine-tuned to work methodically with the new M Dynamic mode, in which the stability-control intervention is dialed back to be less intrusive, but it remains present should things get out of hand.

We found the limits to be well within reason, as the pocket-size M2 allows more throttle application during corner exit, carrying graceful slides while at the same time powering out of corners like no M2 has done before.

Thankfully, a six-speed manual remains the standard gearbox. The shifter travels through the gates with precision, even though it retains that characteristic BMW slight rubberiness in its motions. The clutch takeup is spot on, and the transmission automatically rev matches on downshifts. Disabling the rev-matching system requires the complete commitment of also fully deactivating the stability control, but the pedals are spaced perfectly for heel-and-toe downshifts. Launch control is specific to the automatic, which also now incorporates BMW's three-mode Drivelogic, allowing adjustability of the transmission's shift programming at the push of a button.

At our test track in Michigan, the adjustable and finicky launch control made it difficult to put the additional power to the ground through the same Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires from the previous M2.

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The M2 Competition with the optional DCT automatic transmission we tested couldn't improve on its predecessor's zero-tomph time of 4. The manual gearbox enables better control of the explosive torque off the line and requires a single—albeit crunchy—shift to reach 60 mph, conquering the feat in 3.

Yes, the manual is quicker than the automatic applause! It also bests the previous M2 equipped with the manual by 0. The brakes fill nearly every bit of real estate within the new forged inch wheels. The massive iron rotors— Even after a day of track abuse, the brake pedal remained firm and the modulation linear. The lighter, manual-equipped M2 Competition came to a halt in feet. BMW says the suspension calibration is unchanged from the previous non-Competition M2, and it still delivers a firm ride.

But after experiencing the M2 Competition on pockmarked Michigan roads, we wonder if there might be some slight retuning at play.

motorhood competition 2019

The new car doesn't have the same impact harshness we remember from our long-term example, and it bounces around less on bumpy corners. We enjoyed the M2 Competition so much on our particularly challenging 10Best loop that it earned back its spot on our 10Best Cars roster for after dropping off the list the previous year. At the limit, lateral grip remains abundant at 0. For those seeking more grip, track-friendly M2-spec Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 rubber will be available from the BMW accessories catalog or through aftermarket suppliers.

Through the twists and turns of Puerto del Viento, a public road near the racetrack in Spain, the chassis feels more eager to turn in than was the previous M2, in part due to the new carbon-fiber front strut-tower brace, which is another item plucked from the M4. BMW has recalibrated the electrically assisted power steering to play better with the fortified front structure.Details about the car have leaked onto the internet — and not all the rumors have been correct.

The M5 Competition is a beast. It also ushers in a new performance strategy for the BMW M performance division. Going forward, BMW will make its most potent standalone vehicles Competition Models because of the growing popularity of its Competition offerings. Nearly 40 percent of all previous-generation M5 models sold worldwide came equipped with the M Competition package.

The same biturbo 4. While torque remains unchanged at pound-feet, torque is available from 1, to 5, rpm, which is a rpm wider band. Zero to 60 miles per hour takes 3. A transmission oil cooler is standard.

motorhood competition 2019

The BMW does have a rear-wheel-drive bias, even allowing drivers to send all the power to the rear wheels. This can change how the exhaust sounds, such as enabling a more subdued tone. The tailpipes, finished in black chrome, flow into the darker-trim theme of the M5 Competition overall. High-gloss black accents are everywhere.

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The color is on the door handles, and mirror caps and bases. The black accents continue to the rear bumper cover, rear spoiler, and M5 trunk logo. High-glass Shadow Line trim is on the door window surrounds and B-pillar trim. Inside, black seat belts wear the iconic BMW M colors. Upon startup, an M5 Competition graphic appears in the instrument cluster while floor mats with the M5 logo complete the appearance.

Twenty-inch forged wheels connect the driver to the road. BMW redesigned the mounting for the anti-roll bar, making the springs at the front and rear 10 percent stiffer over the regular M5. Inside those inch wheels are M compound brakes with six-piston calipers. M carbon-ceramic brakes are optional. Producing beings this July. The new BMW M5 Competition Sedan succeeds in blending performance, a superbly exclusive aura and an unruffled ease in everyday use.

This restructuring of the M portfolio has been prompted by the strong popularity of the various model-specific M Competition packages. Other distinctive design features of the Competition include high-gloss black finishers on the door handles, mirror bases and mirror triangles, plus the exterior mirror caps and the mesh of the signature M gills in the front flanks. High-gloss Shadow Line trim is featured on the door window surrounds and B-pillar trim. This forms a color-coordinated composition with the tailpipes in black chrome.Check out the latest episodes of Teng Tools Muscle Garage below — we'll upload each episode in full after it has aired:.

Posted in CarsMotorsportCompetitions. Teng Tools Muscle Garage season one competition. This episode of Teng Tools Muscle Garage features a Holden Torana - an engineering triumph built by Aaron Jenkins in his shed, and hustled along by a twin-turbo ci big block; a whole lotta automotive love at Te Aroha Cruise In; and the history and collection of Ralph Wright, one of the stalwarts of the local hot-rodding scene.

The fifth episode of Teng Tools Muscle Garage gets down with Dion D'Anvers' wicked '68 Dodge Charger - a blown ci big block weapon built for a little bit of everything; a day out with the Wanganui Road Rodders - New Zealand's most supercharged car club! The seventh episode of Teng Tools Muscle Garage follows up with Frazer McKenzie's incredible all-steel Eleanor - an award-winning triumph of engineering that has been driven the way it was built to be; see everything the NZHRA Street Rod Nationals at Palmerston North had to offer; and get a guided tour through the incredible car collection belonging to David Parker.

We're ending the first season with a bang - Brian Mathews' radical Ford Galaxie is this episode's feature car, packing a ci Jon Kaase Boss motor, manual box, and full Art Morrison chassis. Show more posts by NZV8. What you need to know about Mad Mike Summer Bash Level up your workshop game with these hacks. Five daily drivers under 10k.Boating New Zealand covers small powerboats, launches, and yachts — particularly View full product details.

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motorhood competition 2019

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Quick Shop. Add to Cart. Select your subscription length NZ, 1 year, 4 issues NZ, 2 years, 8 issues. Sign up for great deals Subscribe to our newsletter and get sent product news and discount codes.Never discount a small, high-performance BMW. Be it the tii, the E30 M3the legendary clown-shoe M Coupe, or even the 1M Coupe, the German automaker has a consistently positive record when it builds small, rear-drive, high-powered two-door coupes.

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When a vehicle gets as old as the M2, it becomes popular to tell people to wait for the inevitable redesign.

And accessing that ability is as easy as pressing a button on the steering wheel. Rather than sifting through infotainment to set the M2 up, drivers can program these two buttons with their ideal combination of drivetrain, suspension, steering, powertrain, and stability control modes. I set M1 for hardcore performance, while retaining the stability control, while M2 had the sporty soundtrack and weightier steering that make BMW M cars so pleasant, but kept the other settings in their more relaxed modes.

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When presented with a fun motorway entrance ramp, I could quickly tap M1 and have the car ready to attack. As soon as things straightened out, I could switch the systems to a more relaxed mode, and all without removing my hands from the steering wheel.

BMW M mills occupy more than a few plinths in the engine hall of fame, and while this twin-turbocharged 3. There are pops and bangs and cracks that make every wide-open-throttle upshift fun. Combined with a stellar dual-clutch transmission, the bhp, lb-ft engine is a great setup.

In fact, taller individuals will find sitting in the front sport seats which are quite comfortable a slightly claustrophobic experience. Simply getting in is a challenge, requiring passengers to slide the front seats forward and clamber back inelegantly.

That said, its kidney grilles are proportional to the rest of the body, so compared to newer BMW designs, we can only complain so much. Yes, the M2 has some gizmos and gadgets, but much of that stuff is limited to the driving experience.

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By : Brandon Turkus. Published by : Dominik Wilde. A four-wheeled bottle rocket. More photos. Transmission 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. Drive Type Rear-wheel drive. Speed MPH 4. Maximum speed miles per hour. Weight 1, kilograms. Efficiency Seating Capacity 4. Cargo Volume litres.

Find a vehicle. New Land Rover Defender takes off all camo in exclusive rendering.Yes, plenty of hints leaked out onto the internet earlier this year, but now we finally have the full, official details on the newest BMW M car: the M2 Competition. The biturbocharged 3. With the standard six-speed manual transmission, the M2 Competition will scurry to 60 miles per hour in 4. A lightweight forged crankshaft and special cylinder liners enable a 7,rpm redline.

The oil system features special baffling and a supplementary oil pump to make sure the engine stays healthy even in high-G cornering. A new exhaust system is also fitted to make sure the M2 Competition sounds sufficiently exciting.

With four tips finished in black chrome, it has two electronically controlled flaps that open and close to make things louder or softer, depending on the driving mode selected. Next up are numerous handling upgrades. The electromechanical power steering has been retuned, too, for duty in the M2 Competition. Out back, the Active M Differential can adjust its locking effect based on the driving situation; an electric motor can full lock the differential in milliseconds.

Slowing things down are larger brakes all round, now with The most important change inside is the addition of M1 and M2 buttons on the steering wheel. As seen on the M4 Competition, they allow drivers to preset driving modes and select them easily.

On the outside, enthusiasts will have no trouble identifying the new car. Note that BMW says the Competition replaces the standard M2 : rather than offering the M2 with the M2 Competition as an upgrade, only the latter model will be sold going forward. The exciting new addition to the BMW M portfolio provides a distinctive M design complemented by improved dynamics and track capabilities with a sprint time of 4.

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With pricing to be announced closer to Market launch. Razor-sharp responses and optimal power delivery are. Maintaining consistent levels of oil supply is particularly important on the track, thanks to the. The driver can change gears either in automated or manual mode by using the. In order to ensure extremely precise wheel location, tight tolerance ball joints are used to transmit transverse forces.

The control arms and wheel carriers of the new. Support is provided by the. Active M Differential, an electronically controlled multi-plate limited-slip differential that takes. The control unit uses this analysis of the driving situation to detect the threat of traction loss on. The full locking power of over 1, lb-ft is available within milliseconds. This prevents the low-traction inside wheel from starting. In certain situations — e. These high-performance brakes provide excellent deceleration in.

The new inch forged wheels are available front axle: 9J x 19, rear axle 10J x 19 with the Yspoke. The rear. By : Jake Holmes. It's here, with extra chassis bracing, more power, and stronger brakes.Issue 89 of The Shed has a great mix of projects and sheddie talents to enjoy. Nigel Young records the build of a mega-sized spit roast BBQ. Built by the team at the Halswell Menzshed as a fundraising project, this big trailer-mounted gas-burning beast of a cooker can take a full-sized pig for those big gatherings or fund-raising projects.

John created a career and a business for himself making unique furniture following a workshop injury which resulted in him losing the lower half of his left leg. John is an inspirational sheddie. BBQ season seems to come around faster and faster each year—not that it is a bad thing and sometimes I wonder if it ever really ends!

Then there are never enough flat surfaces in the vicinity of the barbecue to keep everything organised. In The Shed Issue 80 we visited this heritage park and met the great folks caring for and restoring industrial machines and vehicles.

Here is a short video of their collection of volunteer fire brigade engines from around the South Island. Our tour guide is Michael Rooney. A chair with low-slung and raked back, and wide arms perfect for holding a drink seems to epitomise long, lazy afternoons.

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This design was created in the Adirondack Mountains of New York state where New Yorkers would take their respite from the hot humid summers of the city. It is also commonly called the Cape Cod chair. This phone offers countless possibilities limited only by your own creativity. The design for this article is my everyday carry knife, a four-inch mm dropped hunter—an all-round knife whose blade is ample, large enough to skin that buck and small enough to carry all day without getting in the way.

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Japanese chisels have a reputation for high-quality manufacture and exceptional steelwork. Undoubtedly, the origins of this tradition of blade manufacture lie with the swordsmiths of the samurai era when only samurai and swordsmiths had the right to bear arms. The blade manufacturers had revered status. One of the things guitar legend Eric Clapton and I have in common is tinnitus. Eric blames the years he spent in the band Cream, playing in front of the bass speakers of fellow band member Jack Bruce, who always had his amplifier turned up to Your chainsaw should have a basic service by a professional shop six-monthly or yearly.

But you can do several things to keep your chainsaw up to scratch at home. To show how to dismantle and check a chainsaw, we are using one of the big, forest 95cc machines. A home machine would usually around cc, but the principle of maintenance is the same. Currently, every issue has an upcycling project on classic and vintage technology.

When you are pulling apart engines, machinery, and hydraulics, and you need protection to plug off or cap fluid lines, ports and threads, throw away the rags and the tape and contact Hi-Q components. It's been a long-time Kiwi favourite for a very good reason — Autosol Metal Polish is the ideal way to clean, polish, and protect all types of metal surfaces.

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