Ravin 7100 not charging 48 volt batteries

But I also know that many of you are cautious about buying one this year. You really want to make sure the Raven is now ready to give you many years of use.

The 2014 Raven MPV 7100 Hybrid Mower Generator 20 Hour Review.

So I am going to continue to keep you informed about the one I have here in Wisconsin. The engine is too small. The mower and the transmission is not powered by the gas engine. The gas engine only runs the generator and is sized to handle the watt generator. The power for the blades and transmission comes from brush-less electric motors powered by batteries. Even though the Raven weighs over twice as much as your lawn tractor it still has plenty of power to spin the tires on turf.

No-name Chinese engine. They make a lot of engines for other companies including brands you have known and loved for years. Parts for this one are readily available through authorized dealers. They took away the steering column adjustment lever.

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On the original Raven there was a plastic lever you could use to adjust the tilt of the steering column. On the new Raven this has been replaced by a bolt. The reason this was changed is many owners complained they could not get the bolt tight enough and the steering column would slip.

The presented a driving hazard and in particular could be very dangerous if you were driving the Raven in high gear. The lever was replaced with a bolt for safety. You can still adjust it if you need to with a wrench. There is no battery charger available. There is no need for a 48 volt charger. This propulsion system is different than a golf car or any of the current electric mowers on the market.

The electric drive portion of the Raven is designed to be charged from the generator. If you have been running around all week in battery mode and deplete the 48 volt batteries all you have to do is start the gas engine and the Raven quickly charges itself. The gen-set uses a separate starting battery.

There is a 48 volt charging port on the generator panel…but there is no need to ever use it.It was a first to market hybrid mower, generator and ATV. An entirely new management team has taken over and they have produced the MPV With over improvements over the the is an all new beast.

When we first got it, I have to admit I was very skeptical. After meeting with the new team and seeing the my skepticism has disappeared. We actually had 2 test units, one red and black and a camp S version which we still have. Personally the Camo looks the best with the Real Timber skins.

It is a real head turner. We have been using it to aerate and I must say the low-end torque is great. The unit is comfortable and easy to steer.

It has a surprisingly tight turn radius. It is only 2wd and has turf tires, wherever your garden tractor can go the Raven can go. The unit also does not articulate, meaning it is pretty rigid and not the greatest at tackling obstacles, ditches or ruts.

That being said, treat it like a garden tractor that hauls ass and you will be fine. Second gear will get you up to roughly 17mph at the expense of torque. If you are on a steep incline, you will need to get off the unit and change to low gear before you proceed. Sometimes you need to rock the unit a little while changing gears to get it to lock in. While in generator mode we were able to power our Rolair JC Air compressor but not our Homelite electric log splitter which kept popping the circuit breaker.

The generator produces a maximum of starting watts. They are not available for sale yet but when they do are we will let you know with a complete list of the final specs.

The Raven has a 3 year warranty on the unit, 2 years on the engine and 1 year on the 48V lead acid battery.

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According to RAVEN you get about 40 minutes of runtime on a fully charged battery depending on the terrain and how much of a lead foot you are. It has a small area in the back that can hold 75lbs of cargo. I would have liked to have seen this a bit bigger so I can load mulch and rocks for my yard into it. Maintenance looks easy and everything is easily accessible on the unit.Only valid in the contiguous 48 states and not valid with any other offer.

The 48 Volt, 3 Amp Battery Defender charger is a fully automatic charger appropriate for keeping any of your 48 volt lead acid battery systems charged, maintained, and ready for action. This double-insulated charger with its 4-stage charging process explained further below features a battery desulphating mode, constant current, constant voltage, and float voltage. The VAC input makes it suitable for anywhere in the world.

This removes recently formed sulphation during battery's in a deep state of discharge. The Battery Defender holds the battery at cut-off voltage and the current slowly reduces.

When the current reaches 0. Here, it can adjust current automatically according to the battery's capacity. This feature makes the Battery Defender unique compared to other chargers.

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Stage 4: Standby Voltage Mode: LED Green The Battery Defender maintains the battery voltage at float voltage and current slowly reduces to the discharge current of the battery almost zero. The Battery Defender can be left connected indefinitely without harming the battery.

If the battery voltage goes below 54V, the charger changes from any mode to Constant Current mode Stage 2 and restarts charging.

The charging cycle will go through Stage 2 to Stage 4. As others have stated, the clamps are too short to reach if you have a golf cart with pack positive and negative more than a foot away from each other you will have to extend them I opted to cut off the clamps and use ring terminals for a pemanent installation Other than that it seems like it is doing what it is supposed to.

Battery clamps are cheap. Charger works well with upgrades. If you have a 48 volt electric golf cart you will love this charger. The original high current charger will not charge a dead 48 volt power bank. Use this charger to put some charge into your power bank then the OEM charger will now sense the incomplete charge and take over the completion of a full charge.

I have bought at least 6 of these chargers and had very good service out of all but 1 which Battery Mart took very good care to get it right.Click here to learn more. Dismiss Notice Mower not charging the battery? Discussion in ' Mechanic and Repair ' started by tshFeb 8, Log in or Sign up. Sign up now! Read the timely article from Turf addressing this question. Mower not charging the battery? Messages: I have a Scag with a 19HP Kawasaki. First of all, how can I tell if the alternator is working?

If it's not where it is found on the engine? The original battery died about a month ago. I assumed it was due to the cold weather. I purchased a new one. It worked fine for about 3 weeks. The it had to jumped off again and again. I took the new battery, had it checked, and it tested good.

They replaced it anyway.

ravin 7100 not charging 48 volt batteries

I haven't tried the new battery yet, as I just got it replaced late last night. Any ideas? You do not have an alternator. You have a stator, a few rotating magnets, and a regulation device. First, you need to purchase a voltmeter. I had this same problem on a new hustler with a 25kaw, bought new battery, 3 weeks later,I'm jumpin it again. Messages: 21, Yeah we had one like that, after much tribulation that particular mower simply went on the slow trickle charger every single night.

Not the best solution, but something to keep in mind just in case. Your alternator consists of the stator and rotor. The rotor magnets are under the flywheel and the stator consists of many turns of wire surrounding it. The 2 wires from the alternator should produce at least 28 volts AC. The 3rd wire should produce in the range of 14 volts DC. Disconnect the regulator and check the AC voltage on the appropriate wires with 1 test lead on each wire AC function on meter to check the alternator.The Raven MPV has me hooked.

Whenever I let people drive it, they come back with a smile on their face. I got to spend a lot of time with the Raven this week and even finally got to mow with it. I was skeptical about the Ravens mowing capabilities, but after this weekend I am sold!

This is the most comfortable riding lawn tractor I have ever driven. The deck motors apply more power when the are under heavy load to keep a consistent cut.

The cut quality is decent. For those of you that like to golf course look, you may want to look elsewhere. The tight turning radius can get you into the tightest of spaces. However the rear tires are the same width as the deck. You have to be careful in tight situations as not to hit objects with the tire. For cutting overall the Raven excelled at everything but the cut quality was average.

The Raven feels solid when you drive it. It feels quality. Sitting on the Raven cruising the hood was awesome. You can pop into a neighbors and drink a beer while you siit on the Raven. Drive at night on the battery as not to wake anyone. The wide floor deck makes the Raven feel spacious. All of the controls are on the right side of the unit. High gear gives a whole new meaning to the Raven.

People seem to just floor it everywhere. This is still a riding mower, if you hit a bump at 17mph or pull the wheel too hard things bad things are eminent.

It is not a race car. The 17mph top speed was great when you have to get between long distances. To change gears you have to get off of the unit and move a lever underneath. It would be nice to have this located in a more driver accessible area. Also to note is that you have to rock the unit back and forth a bit almost every time you change the gear speed to lock it in.

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If you have a large property the Raven is the perfect all around vehicle. You can drive it to the mailbox, mow your lawn and even power your house or a garden power tool.

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The cruise control is the best I have seen in a lawn tractor. Just hit the switch at the desired speed and it will maintain it.

ravin 7100 not charging 48 volt batteries

The original Raven MPV was overshadowed by problems and design issues. This new Raven really looks to be the real deal and has survived 10 hours of our beatings with not one glitch. I already want to add accessories to the Raven and personalize it.

The Raven has a bright future. The only downside to the Raven is its complexity. Only time will tell if it will last. Check out Raven America.The fact that you can charge your electric battery while running the gas powered engine means that you can run on hybrid mode and save gas and thus reduce emissions while running on electricity.

The built in generator also means you can use this amazing machine as a power outlet to run electric hedge-trimmers and other power tools for up to ten hours. This is a fantastic plus point if you are needing to use power tools in hard to reach locations around your plot of land.

Check Price. The cutting deck is an excellent 46 inches, the turning circle is nothing short of impressive and best of all it is super easy to navigate around sharp corners and over tough terrain. If you wish to use this vehicle as a ATV, the cutting deck can easily be removed with a few simple steps removal of some pins and the power connector.

This will provide you with an impressive maximum speed of 17MPH faster than pretty much any other mower on the market. Excellent fuel economy as this is a hybrid vehicle and battery can be charged up while engine is running providing fuel and emission saving qualities. Good clearance and excellent quality suspension on the front and rear that allow for cutting over rough or bumpy terrain with ease. Generator can provide up to 10 hours of power for your hedge-trimmers, power-drills and other tools you may need to operate around your property.

This is without the need to be near to a power outlet, meaning you can work anywhere you please. There is no indicator to tell you when the starting battery is actually being charged. You have to remove the side panel to find this out, which can be a little frustrating.

Although, there is a clearly marked and functional fuel gauge there is no similar function for the electric power. We do not see the above errors as deal breakers but they are frustrating, certainly some room for improvement on future models. Product Description: Please see the above product specification. It combines seamlessly an excellent quality riding mower, an ATV or utility vehicle and most impressively a mobile generator that allows you to power up your tools or even a radio wherever and whenever you want around your land.

The mowing capabilities and the impressive maximum speed of the vehicle both with and without the cutting deck make this a great buy for anyone looking to carry out tasks outdoors in any weather.

Best of all the Raven MPV series are Hybrids so they run cleaner than any of the standard gasoline powered counterparts so you can sleep easy at night knowing you are doing your bit for the environment.

This truly is a great all round purchase and if it sits within your price range we thoroughly recommend it.

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Check Current Prices On Amazon. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. User Rating 5 1 vote.

ravin 7100 not charging 48 volt batteries

Send Rating.These are the "smart chargers", and quality units generally are not found in retail stores. The three stages or steps in lead acid battery charging are bulk, absorption, and float mode or sometimes complete shut off in some cases.

Qualification, or equalization are sometimes considered another stage, usually for promotional purposes. It is important to use battery manufacturer's recommendations on charging procedures and voltages, or a quality microprocessor controlled charger, to maintain battery capacity and service life.

An older 48 volt charger would feature a fixed charging voltage, high enough to "force" energy amps into the battery pack. The lower the initial battery pack voltage state of dischargethe easier this forcing process is, so you may see the amp meter if so equipped run up to the charger's maximum output amperage, and remain there for some time. As the battery pack voltage rises, as it does as the state of charge increases, the harder it is for the 48 volt charger to force the amps in, so the amp rate decreases.

Eventually, the charger reaches a point where it's output voltage can't force any more into the battery pack, so current almost stops, but depending on where this voltage point is, it may be high enough to overcharge over time, or keep the batteries in the gassing stage, drying out a flooded type battery.

This type of charger should be monitored for this reason, and disconnected when the amp meter drops to the low point. Some of the older technology units have timers, and depending on the setting and battery charge status at the beginning of the charge cycle, may end up over charging if set too long, or under charging, if the timer is not set long enough.

Either condition can damage batteries, overcharging causing damage quicker.

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Repeated undercharging allows sulphation to build up, and eventually harden on the plates, diminishing battery capacity. Diminished run time on batteries that are not particularly old is the usual symptom of this sulphation, as in a golf cart that sits unmaintained for several months a year. The "smart chargers" are profiled with contemporary charging philosophy in mind, and also take information from the battery pack to provide maximum charge benefit with minimum observation.

The microprocessor allows a full charge cycle without need of setting a timer, and doesn't undercharge or overcharge, finishing in a long term maintenance mode float modeor shutting completely off and monitoring the pack. This allows proper battery management and maximum battery life, if used regularly. True Gel batteries generally require a specific charge profile, and a gel specific or gel selectable or gel suitable charger is called for.

The peak charging voltage for Gel batteries is 2. Exceeding this voltage in a true Gel battery can cause bubbles in the electrolyte gel, and permanent damage, as the bubbles in the gel do not dissipate when the over voltage condition ceases.

The target voltage for a 48 volt charger for AGM or some flooded batteries is 2. If the battery pack won't hold a charge, or the current does not drop after the expected recharge time, the battery pack may have some permanent sulphation. This mode can be used to maintain a fully charged battery pack indefinitely.

Some chargers shut off instead of maintaining a float voltage, and monitor the batteries, initiating a charge cycle if necessary. A deeply discharged battery pack deviates from this formula, requiring more time per amp to be replaced.

ravin 7100 not charging 48 volt batteries

Recharge frequency recommendations vary from expert to expert. It appears that depth of discharge affects battery life more than frequency of recharge.

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