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Speakers used in live concerts come in a variety of types and sizes. While there is no real universal standard speaker, there are standard configurations, chosen for the type of music and concert venue. The primary function of concert speakers, also called drivers or loudspeakers, is to allow the audience to enjoy high-quality sound wherever they are situated in the venue.

Performers also need to hear themselves and other band members and require monitor speakers to be accurately placed.

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Sound frequencies produced in a concert environment are identified as: sub-low, low, midrange, mid-high, and high frequencies. In order to provide balanced sound, each frequency must be isolated using an electronic crossover device, set by the sound engineer. Crossovers filter and separate overall frequencies, and the signals are routed to dedicated amplifiers. The amplified filtered signal is sent to loudspeakers, designed to reproduce the particular frequencies efficiently.

Lower frequencies require more amplifier power and larger speakers to reproduce. As frequencies go from low to high, power and speaker sizes are reduced proportionately. It is not unusual to find four and five-way crossover systems in place at large concerts, with separate amplifiers and speakers for each frequency. Smaller venues use simpler two or three-way crossover speaker systems, when critical reproduction of all frequencies is not necessary or warranted.

Sub-bass, or sub-woofer speakers, are usually 18 inches in diameter. Since very low frequencies are more often felt than heard, sub-bass cabinets are placed on the floor for maximum effect, and the speakers are often mounted facing the back of the speaker cabinet, which is tuned to produce enhanced sub-bass tones.

Smaller concert venues may use one or two sub-bass enclosures, while large concert arenas will use 12 or more. Low frequencies are not overly directional, making speaker placement in relationship to audience members not as critical.

Sub-bass frequencies are generated by bass guitars, bass drums and lower range synthesizer keyboard notes. Speakers used to reproduce bass frequencies are normally 15 inches in diameter, and are ideally placed at chest level of the audience.

Bass frequencies are in the audible range, but are placed physically lower than higher frequency speakers in an effort to separate the sound in the most efficient and pleasing manner to the listener.

Bass speaker frequencies also are generated by bass guitars, drums, lower range synthesizer and other keyboard notes, but in a higher frequency register than sub-bass.

Midrange concert speakers are typically 12 or 10 inches in diameter, and reproduce sounds in the middle of the frequency spectrum. Speakers are placed above bass speakers and below high-frequency drivers. Midrange frequencies are produced by vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums and other instruments.

The dominant sound we hear is in the midrange, since these frequencies are audible and easily understandable. High frequency reproduction requires small speakers with tight diaphragms to limit bass-inducing air movement. Since these speakers, called drivers, use diaphragms of 1 to 2 inches in diameter, they will not handle high-wattage amplifiers. Their inherent design also causes sound levels to be low and must use an attachment called a "horn" to project sound to audible concert levels.

Horns produce high-midrange and high-frequency sound and are usually directed at audience head level. Cymbals, guitars, keyboards, vocals and other instruments produce sound in the high-frequency domain. Most of the cabinets used in large concert venues are full-range cabinets, containing bass speakers, midrange speakers and high frequency horns.

These cabinets are usually suspended by wire rigging, at different angles and placement arrays. Separate bass and sub-bass cabinets are placed on the floor, and other full-range cabinets may be placed on the stage, depending on the venue setup and performance type. Monitor speakers are placed in front, and sometimes to the side, of performers to allow them to hear themselves and other band members.A subwoofer or sub is a loudspeaker designed to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass and sub-basslower in frequency than those which can be optimally generated by a woofer.

While the term "subwoofer" technically only refers to the speaker driver, in common parlance, the term often refers to a subwoofer driver mounted in a speaker enclosure cabinetoften with a built-in amplifier.

Subwoofers are made up of one or more woofers mounted in a loudspeaker enclosure —often made of wood—capable of withstanding air pressure while resisting deformation.

Subwoofer enclosures come in a variety of designs, including bass reflex with a port or ventusing a subwoofer and one or more passive radiator speakers in the enclosure, acoustic suspension sealed enclosureinfinite bafflehorn-loadedtapped horntransmission linebandpass or isobaric designs, representing unique trade-offs with respect to efficiency, low frequency range, cabinet size and cost.

Passive subwoofers have a subwoofer driver and enclosure and they are powered by an external amplifier. Active subwoofers include a built-in amplifier. The first subwoofers were developed in the s to add bass response to home stereo systems.

Subwoofers came into greater popular consciousness in the s with the introduction of Sensurround in movies such as Earthquakewhich produced loud low-frequency sounds through large subwoofers.

With the advent of the compact cassette and the compact disc in the s, the easy reproduction of deep and loud bass was no longer limited by the ability of a phonograph record stylus to track a groove, [5] and producers could add more low frequency content to recordings.

As well, during the s, DVDs were increasingly recorded with " surround sound " processes that included a low-frequency effects LFE channel, which could be heard using the subwoofer in home theater systems. During the s, subwoofers also became increasingly popular in home stereo systemscustom car audio installations, and in PA systems. By the s, subwoofers became almost universal in sound reinforcement systems in nightclubs and concert venues.

During the s swing erato get deeper bass, "pipelike opening[s]" were cut into speaker enclosures, creating bass reflex enclosures, as it was found that even a fairly inexpensive speaker enclosure, once modified in this way, could "transmit the driving power of a heavy In SeptemberRaymon Dones, of El Cerrito, California, received the first patent for a subwoofer specifically designed to augment omni-directionally the low frequency range of modern stereo systems US patent Dones's loudspeaker was marketed in the US under the trade name "The Octavium" [10] from the early s to the mids.

The Octavium was utilized by several recording artists of that era, most notably the Grateful Deadbassist Monk Montgomerybassist Nathan Eastand the Pointer Sisters. The Octavium speaker and Dones's subwoofer technology were also utilized, in a few select theaters, to reproduce low pitch frequencies for the blockbuster movie Earthquake.

Another early subwoofer enclosure made for home and studio use was the separate bass speaker for the Servo Statik 1 by New Technology Enterprises. The SS-1 received very good reviews in from High Fidelity magazine.

When Kreisel's business partner, Jonas Miller, who owned a high-end audio store in Los Angeles, told Kreisel that some purchasers of the store's high-end electrostatic speakers had complained about a lack of bass response in the electrostatics, Kreisel designed a powered woofer that would reproduce only those frequencies that were too low for the electrostatic speakers to convey.

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The first use of a subwoofer in a recording session was in for mixing the Steely Dan album Pretzel Logicwhen recording engineer Roger Nichols arranged for Kreisel to bring a prototype of his subwoofer to Village Recorders.

D'Arcy ; record producer Daniel Levitin served as a consultant and " golden ears " for the design of the crossover network used to partition the frequency spectrum so that the subwoofer would not attempt to reproduce frequencies too high for its effective range, and so that the main speakers would not need to handle frequencies too low for their effective range.

used stage subwoofers

InKreisel created the first satellite speakers and subwoofer system, named "David and Goliath". Subwoofers received a great deal of publicity in with the movie Earthquakewhich was released in Sensurround. Initially installed in 17 U. Four of the subwoofers were positioned in front of the audience under or behind the film screen and two more were placed together at the rear of the audience on a platform.Compare the most helpful customer reviews of the best rated products in our Stage Subwoofers store.

These products are shortlisted based on the overall star rating and the number of customer reviews received by each product in the store, and are refreshed regularly.

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Awesome Wow! I had no idea this thing would sound as good my Yamaha 18" w powered sub that weighs twice as much! This sub is of the chart with deep undistorted, tight bass. The DSP gives you control of how you want to use the sub, it's a fantastic feature.

I purchased this because of its mid-size design and weight.

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I can easily carry it around and load it into a back seat. This EV is an incredible value. I not only would buy another one, but will buy another one as soon as I sell my Yamaha Read more.

By Creative Soul. With it's size and weight i have no complaints. My 2nd concern was how it would stack up to the 18's, and let me tell you this sub is no joke especially for it's size. I can't wait to take this out to my first gig and by first impressions I will definitely be getting another one as soon as I can afford it!

By Jason R.Audiophiles and subwoofers seldom get along. That's because they don't understand each other.

Yep, not only do most audiophiles not understand subwoofers very well, subwoofers generally aren't built with the needs of audiophiles in mind. It's a sad situation. Most audiophiles don't use subs, so they're missing out on great bass. Obviously, if you're using stand-mounted speakers without a sub, you're not getting deep bass. But even if you're using a big pair of tower speakers, you're probably not getting good bass.

Because you have to position your tower speakers where they'll deliver the best stereo imaging -- which is not where they'll deliver the smoothest bass response. Measure the frequency response in your listening chair and you'll see how uneven your bass is.

But it's not the audiophiles' fault. In two-channel, almost no preamps or integrated amps have built-in subwoofer crossovers. The Parasound Halo Integrated 2. And I'm sure there are others.

But it's not a common feature in two-channel gear. It's still quite possible to blend a subwoofer smoothly into a two-channel system by running the main speakers full-range and using the crossover built into the sub to filter the mids and highs out of the sub. But you have to do three things to get it to sound good:.

I've seen many audiophiles position a single sub right against the front wall in their listening room, equidistant from the left and right speakers. I've seen others use two subs and put the subs next to the left and right speakers. I assume they do this in the hope that the sub will blend better with the main speakers, but actually, this kind of positioning will probably make the blend worse, because it's likely to cause big peaks and dips in the bass response.

The subwoofer needs to be positioned where it'll deliver the smoothest bass response. Only then can it be smoothly blended with the mains. If you have one subwoofer, do the "subwoofer crawl": Put your sub in your listening chair yep, in the chairthen play a tune with a melodic bass line and crawl around on the floor along the walls to find the spot where the bass notes sound the most even.

Place the sub there. If you have two subs, put one in each front corner of the room, behind and to the outsides of the main speakers. Now find out what the rated bass response of your speaker is the -3 dB response, not the dB response.It is not an ordinary musical instrument but a way to enhance your performance and amplify the output sound for the audience. We are talking about the stage monitors. These are also known as monitor speaker. As the name indicates, it is a speaker system made to enhance the impact and sound of live performances.

It is used on stage to amplify the sound so that the audience can clearly hear the sounds and enjoy your performance. Another term is also used for the stage monitors. These are also available by the name of foldback speakers. When you use the amplified instruments in addition to the acoustic instruments with voice, the use of Stage monitors can be expedient. Their structure is very simple. They comprise a horn enclosed in a cabinet and a full-range speaker.

These are designed to make their portability and safety easier. For instance, many models comprise ergonomically designed handles for easy carrying. Similarly, some have protectors for the metal corners to prevent the damage. The speaker is often protected with a metal grill. The addition of sturdy covering makes it safer.

Active Monitors: These are known as powered stage monitors. They have a horn, loudspeaker and an amplifier all in the same cabinet. Using this, you can directly plug the mixing board signal into stage monitors.

Passive Monitors: These are un-powered stage monitors.

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Their structure comprises a cabinet containing horn and loudspeaker. They require an external power amplifier. A credible monitoring system is very important for your live performances.Welcome to the Stage Subwoofers Store, where you'll find great prices on a wide range of different stage subwoofers.

A deep, rhythmic base can transform your musical performance. Stage subwoofers create a powerful resonance with each downbeat, enhancing the audio from your musical instrument or audio player. Stage speakers and monitors make it easy to reach tens or hundreds of fans at once, broadcasting your sound throughout the area.

Stage subwoofers are a major consideration when you are playing or performing music with deep downbeats. Whether your music originates from a digital audio source or an electric guitar, powerful bass can add another dimension to your sound quality.

The largest considerations when buying stage subwoofers are the size and power. The size of the subwoofer often correlates directly with how deep its bass sound resonates, while greater wattage allows it to reach fans in the back rows as easily as those in the front. Our convenient online selection includes stage subwoofers from JBL, Seismic Audio, Peavey, and other big name brands in audio performance. Speakers are equally as important as stage subwoofers.

Powerful speakers broadcast your sounds further out, complementing the deep bass with more moderate tones. Singers and band members alike benefit from quality speakers designed for large audiences or arenas, and the right speaker and subwoofer combination can dramatically enhance the overall concert experience for your fans.

Monitors allow you to enhance the range of your music or get great audio in an enclosed environment. Set them up stage-side along with your stage speakers and subwoofers or farther out to enhance the attendee experience in multiple parts of the performance area. Equalizers and tracking accessories can also help you adjust your speakers and other audio equipment and tweak it to provide the highest-quality sound to the most attendees possible.

Stage subwoofers are a great addition to your audio setup. Browse available equipment by size or wattage and save money by buying online with Amazon. Skip to main content. Stage Subwoofers Welcome to the Stage Subwoofers Store, where you'll find great prices on a wide range of different stage subwoofers.

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used stage subwoofers

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used stage subwoofers

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